Day 281 – Breaking Plaid

Art Apple - Day Two Hundred Eighty OneI’ve turned to a life of plaid!

Mom and I decided to surprise Dad and paint the front door this morning before he returned from his trip. We went to the island lumber yard that carries Benjamin Moore Paints (thankfully my favorite) and selected a beautiful green called Parsley Sprigs! Mom popped open the can and spread a big swatch across one of the two double front doors. I had gone upstairs to change into painting clothes and I looked out the window to see her standing back to see what she thought. I knew it wasn’t good by the look on her face.

I have a BFA in art and design in particular so I’ve spent years picking paint colors. It is something I really enjoy and I’m pretty good at so I was a bit miffed that I blew this one. The color was horrible and I was convinced that it hadn’t been mixed correctly. So off Mom and I went back to the Hardware store. Sure enough – it was the color we had picked so my miffed-ness became more intense but we had a good laugh over it and re-tinted it a shade darker (and much to my horror – we had to re-tint it a second time) but once that was accomplished – viola – instant house facelift!

We picked up Dad from the 10:30 am ferry and drove home slightly worried he wouldn’t like it.

He didn’t even notice. I guess you’ve got to break plaid to get someone’s attention. Imagine a plaid front door!!!

Until tomorrow.


Day 281 was created in watercolor and acrylic paints.

6 Replies to “Day 281 – Breaking Plaid”

    1. Oh well… Once we pointed it out he said it was striking – LOL You guys sure do know how to recover after a huge #epicfail 🙂

  1. I enjoyed this post Jenna

    Also @ Doug, I believe both of your uses (us guys, we guys) would be acceptable, depending on the company you keep. but you are right in saying that us guys are pretty clueless.

  2. Ha! Your story reminds me of the time The Helpful Hubby and I switched out all the light switches and plates in my in-laws condo. We switched from the old, toggle ones to the newer paddle kind. My mother-in-law walked in from work, flipped the switch and asked us why we were sitting in the dark. She proceeded to turn on/off the lights in her bedroom and the kitchen and didn’t even notice they were new or that she was having to hit the switch differently!

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