Day 277 – Happy Independence Day!

Art Apple - Day Two Hundred Seventy SevenVinalhaven holds a number of Fourth of July events and fundraisers each summer.

We started the weekend with our lobster feed, a trip to the Saturday Flea Market and the most amazing fireworks display I think I’ve ever seen. Seriously. The town saves up the money until they have enough to put on a really fantastic show so every three years the fireworks are spectacular.

This was the first time Doug & I have been able to be in Maine for the festivities since my parents have had this home. Our expectations weren’t too high since the population of the island is only 1200 permanent residents but I now plan on being here ever third fourth of July without fail.

There is something very magical about a small community celebrating our nations independence and freedoms that feels really good. Yesterday we watched the Millrace Duck Race held in Carver’s Pond which was so popular that this year they needed to hold 9 heats for the 450 ducks purchased! We’ll need to check the posted lists today at the newsprint store to see if we won.

The parade happens today at 11:00 am and the weather forecast is for the fog to clear about an hour before – right now we’re sitting in some thick pea soup fog. I hear we’re in for a treat!

Happy Independence Day ya’ll!

Until tomorrow.


Day 277 was created in acrylic paint a la Jasper Johns!

Jasper Johns newest works just completed an exhibit in NYC at the Mathew Marks Gallery.

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