Day 276 – Land That I Love

Art Apple - Day Two Hundred Seventy Six

Five years ago my parents decided to buy a big old Mansard Roof Victorian home on Vinalhaven, Maine. The home sits a tenth of a mile above and behind the town and harbor. You can see the island of Matinicus from the third floor window on a crystal clear day.

The 100’ of shore footage are on Carver’s Pond (it’s actually a tidal inlet that doesn’t have boat access to the harbor – unless you count the few times my Dad, nephew Jarod, and Allen have waited for the tide to move the boat dingy through the granite shoot that goes under Main Street.) Apparently not an experience you want to undertake all too often or lightly and most definitely only during the exact right time of the tide unless you are looking for a water adventure that includes not only ooey gooey seaweed, an abundance of barnacles, but also a complete uncertainty of whether or not the rule of twelves will push you under the bridge at such velocity that a mere man has no control of this force of nature.

The dingy has made one round trip and now lives up on the bank of the pond where I have a feeling it will remain for all eternity.

Until tomorrow.


Day 276 was created in pen & ink and watercolor

Update – I just found out the dingy lives and was put into service again this summer!

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