Day 267 – Letting go

Art Apple - Day Two Hundred Sixty SevenAll the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on. – Henry Ellis

When people suffer from a chronic disease that causes pain like Ankylosing Spondylitis, we are very often given advice from people about how we can be cured. I can’t even begin to explain how frustrating this can be. If I only ate the right diet, took the little known herb, or simply stretched and did yoga daily – well then my AS would vanish huh? If it were only that simple.

I do believe there are a lot of small things that can add up to feeling a tiny bit better – not cures – but little things that when added up make the pain subside some. I eat healthy including… apples! I ask others what works for them and listen to suggestions, and I look for ways to reduce stress. The worst kind of stress for me is emotional stress – it has been a difficult thing to recognize and acknowledge but it is very true so I try very hard to minimize it.

I found this article that has a list of some ways we can “let go” – if by doing so we can feel less pain – no matter which kind, it might be worth a read through. I was a great reminder for me to let go in order to hold on to my health. I hope you find some value in it too.

Until tomorrow.


Day 267 was created in acrylic paints.

*** The US Apple Association announces National Apple Month!



5 Replies to “Day 267 – Letting go”

  1. Jenna: Another {favorite} post! Your words express so much of what anyone dealing with chronic illness faces. It is as though the words of others and the process of letting go/doing what we can {as much as that is even possible} becomes an additional “chronic challenge” …

    It is a delicate balance to accomplish acceptance and perseverance at the same time. Grateful for support and understanding friends. ~Hugs

  2. I especially like #9 in that list and try and practice it daily.

    9. Focus all your energy on something you can actually control, instead of dwelling on things you can’t.

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