Day 258 – Love Bomb

Art Apple - Day Two Hundred Fifty EightI love the concept of a dropping a Love Bomb!

Basically – it’s flooding a person with love and attention to get them through a difficult time. Couldn’t we all use that some days! It’s such a great idea that someone created a website and turned it into a movement asking people to spend 5 minutes a week to send well wishes to a stranger in need.

Unfortunately, like so many great ideas the site has gone stagnant and I haven’t seen a message or love bomb since April. It’s an interesting thing about the internet and the virtual world – things and people come and go.

Until tomorrow.


Day 258 was created in graphite, acrylic, and watercolor.

2 Replies to “Day 258 – Love Bomb”

    1. Hi Ayad,
      I feel that way often too. I’m so glad that we have met – I hope that you find some joy and happiness in connecting with people who understand this feeling happens when we deal with the symptoms of AS.
      My best to you!

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