Day 256 – Matryoshka Apples

Art Apple - Day Two Hundred Fifty SixWhen I was growing up I was fascinated with the Russian nesting doll that sat on the shelf in our home. I loved opening and lining up the the family of babushkas. I insisted on matching the painted tops to the painted bottoms – aligning them as precisely as possible and then setting each smaller one next to the larger in a perfect row and then nesting them all cozy back together and repeating the process.

Maybe it was to honor the artist’s composition that I needed to match the pieces or maybe it was a hint of compulsion for order. I compose the objects around me – if I see a painting is catawampus or items askew – I need to place them just so which is contrary to my desire to ignore basic clutter. I couldn’t care less how well my underwear is folded or how the pots are stacked in the cupboard or even how I have my art supplies in my studio but once items or objects are purposely composed, placed, or designed then I need to see them just so.

I think it may be part of what keeps me making my apples – I couldn’t bear to see the set uncompleted and lined up.

Until tomorrow.


Day 256 was created in pen & ink.


4 Replies to “Day 256 – Matryoshka Apples”

  1. It’s funny how alike we are in that way. My personal spaces are overflowing with.. mess (as much as my husband with OCD will allow them to be), but I was obsessive as a child about the exact same thing – lining up my stacking dolls juuuust so. I’m the same way with crooked frames. There’s a restaurant we frequent that has their picture frames screwed into the wall, and I twitch when I look at the ones that aren’t level.

    1. Hey Mary, I’m so glad you stopped by and told me I’m not alone in these compulsions! I also have a twitch when I see a painting or photo hung too high – problem is that everyone seems to hang them too high! I guess it’s the artists in us – I call it chaotic order! I’ve got a post I’m dying to write about chaos but I haven’t had the energy to write it! Uugh! Oh well – we do the best we can. And – as long as our personal spaces have a door to close away the clutter – eh!

      I’m headed home to Maine for a few weeks – I’m going to have to get out the Russian dolls!


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