Day 252 – Zen and the Art of Apple Maintenance

Art Apple - Day Two Hundred Fifty Two“Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation.” – Michael Jordan

I was chatting on twitter with a friend who has AS. She has a wonderful positive outlook. In fact, she has a mantra of sorts called “negative to positive” that she penned and created for twitter. Denise’s personal story and journey of living and dealing with a life with Ankylosing Spondylitis are on the Hope & Apples website – what Denise has endured is amazing – she almost lost her life from heart complications of AS which is part of why I so find her outlook on life truly inspiring.

Today after I had just finished telling her that my brain was not cooperating in my efforts to find inspiration for my daily apple, I asked her if she had any ideas for me. She immediately went to positive  images and ideas to soothe my frazzled brain. A distraction of the mind image, a yoga apple, a relaxation apple. And that was all I needed for the trigger – a zen circle apple!

A Zen Circle is a circle drawn in a single fast stroke by a human hand. The artist practices the circle to perfect the roundness of the circle in a single sweeping movement. Zen is the practice of meditation and creating a zen circle is a way to absorb the creator in the moment. The circle shows the beginning and the end representing the circle of life. It is a way to focus the mind.

Perhaps a zen approach to maintaining my apple practice will help me clear the clutter of the day so that I can find my inspiration more easily. I may begin each day with a zen circle, a quiet time to focus my thoughts on my purpose and to keep the idea of living a positive life at the forefront of my consciousness.

Until tomorrow.


Day 252 was created in the style of Japanese sumi-e using a black ink stick and brush (the set was given to my by my Aunt Jill who practices the art beautifully) The red chop mark in the bottom right corner is a “close” representation of the Japanese symbol for Golden Apple

4 Replies to “Day 252 – Zen and the Art of Apple Maintenance”

  1. Love it!!! Perfect positive apple! Ahhhhh after reading that I might have to look into the Zen Circle for some relaxation. #negative2positive 🙂 🙂

  2. Jenna, I love this image. (Careful. I could see someone snapping this up for a logo!) And thanks or explaining the read pictogram.

    I only recently became aware of your site. I look forward to popping in to see your work! You are sharing things of beauty, and that is a most honorable act.

    Thank you.

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