Day 251 – Be Happy!

Art Apple - Day Two Hundred Fifty OneI have decided to be happy, because it’s good for my health. – Voltaire

How do you “decide” to be happy? My husband and I just had a fascinating conversation about this. He’s a bit of a grump – I’m an optimistic cheerful person. He just rattled of a list of things he’s unhappy about – the list consists of the fact that one of our cars isn’t running well, the grass has a fungus ring, there are weeds in the garden, the miller moths persist, the repairs and issues are …. a litany! I see these things as – just items in life – mere facts that need to be addressed but I’m not unhappy about them.

What is the difference that he sees these as things that cause unhappiness and I don’t? What causes or creates a state of unhappiness and do we choose how to react to our lives? I grew up in a happy home – we “guffaw” – my Dad and my brothers and I belly laugh at life. Did we learn to do this from my Dad – a greater and happier man I’ve never known. My husband grew up in an unhappy home where there wasn’t joy – where he did not learn to be demonstrative. He’s spent the last 14 years getting familiar with the concept – he’s married to the queen!

Did I just get lucky?  Is happiness in the genes or is it a nature vs. nurture situation. We live a good life, a happy life – but I wish he could just find joy anywhere and everywhere – life is so much easier when you choose to live that way. And laugh and laugh and … laugh!

Until tomorrow.


Day 251 was created in graphite and watercolor.


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