Day 225 – Follow The Dots

Art Apple - Day Two Hundred Twenty FiveOne, two, three… everything in order. Right?

Most days I think I’m going along with my life just as I had laid it out in my mind as a young woman.

I was brought up believing that if I followed the rules, colored in the lines, and took the steps in order that life would reward me. Mostly it has but some times following the dots and doing the right things makes you just feel plain old foolish.

I’m thinking life might be so much more interesting if I can figure out how to create the picture without a plan; without following someone else’s rules.

Until tomorrow.


Day 225 was created in pen & ink.

4 Replies to “Day 225 – Follow The Dots”

  1. I believe in thinking outside the box. It works, but only if you don’t stray too far from the tried and true.

  2. Maybe follow the dots, all the while coloring madly all around, creating patterns and rhythms, straying onto new paths and meandering back, moving on to the next. Best of both worlds?

    1. Susan,
      I think you are absolutely right! I’m learning and growing and always surprised in this process – Life creates feelings which leads to my daily images which brings out thoughts and words and revelations. What I really have learned is that I want to lead a positive life – that is where contentment and joy live.

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