Day 224 – Cut That Out!

Art Apple - Day Two Hundred Twenty FourWinter – it’s time to release your hold – just cut that out mother nature!

My friend Christine sent me an instant message on Facebook last night after she saw the photo I had taken and posted of the snow falling here. She said, “Now you have to do a snow apple!” to which I replied – “Where were you an hour ago when I couldn’t think of a thing to do?” But she had a good idea – do a white apple on a white background. Normally after a long day I would jump at a simple and yes, easy apple. After all of these apples, I will admit that the ideas that are a bit more “easy” are a glorious relief some days. But it was too late to take the easy route – I had already finished yesterday’s apple.

When we woke up this morning in a winter wonderland with at least 5 inches of snow, I decided that Christine was right! I needed to do a white on white apple. So as usual I procrastinated and mulled it over and thought of all the different ways I could paint or draw a white on white apple. When the idea struck! Oh, the glorious feeling of an idea!

What if I took the concept but did a cut out? Yummy… and, FUN!

So here we are – cut out of white paper in honor of mother nature cutting out her fury!

Thank you Christine for all of your ideas!

Until tomorrow.


Day 224 was created in white paper.

*** Birthday shout outs to Jennifer and Brandy ***

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