Day 210 – From A-pples to Z-zzzzz’s

Art Apple - Day Two Hundred TenBig, bold, and wonderful thoughts of all things apples are creating the best sleep I’ve had in years!

Chronic illness tends to lead to unrestful and unfulfilling sleep. I think I went years where I never woke feeling rested and I still have bouts and stretches where I unfortunately rely on my Ambien instead of my Valerian Root but I love what I’m doing to the bottom of my soul and my brain is paying back the favor with deep and refreshing sleep filled with amazing and colorful dreams! So – I am going to bed tonight – happily exhausted!

Until tomorrow.


Day 210 was created in ink and watercolor.

8 Replies to “Day 210 – From A-pples to Z-zzzzz’s”

  1. Get some rest sweet Jenna….get yourself some sleep, and try to relax. You are very very important, not just to the world, art, AS, but to me too. Your apples are so inspiring, and your cheery disposition always makes me smile….keep up the hard work, and dont ever give up. YOU are such a special woman, one I am proud to call my friend.

    1. Thank you Kelly – I’ve been catching up. It is something for all of us to try to make sure to get – good, refreshing, deep sleep. Makes the mornings so much easier when we attempt to move the creaky joints! xox Jenna

  2. Oh, I love this one Jenna. That’s just how I would like to feel at bedtime. Don’t have a cat ‘though.
    Maybe I’ll have to get a teddy bear 🙂 Keep doing what you love doing and have a great sleep again tonight.

      1. Ok Mr.
        If anyone needs a husband… maybe I’ll send you to Australia! I hear you’ll be kept in quarantine for a bit – might make you re think giving away my fur babies??? xox

    1. Thank you Betty – I hope you are doing well. It’s spring here finally and I’m so excited to get my gardens planted. Should be interesting how my love of digging in the dirt comes out in my apples 🙂

  3. You had better not send one. Apart from anything Jenna might say, they are left in quarantine for ages here! I don’t think your moggie would be impressed! But thanks for the kind thought 🙂

    1. Betty,
      He’s all talk – he adores our furry creatures but has fun talking about how much trouble they cause him! And – in Aussie speak “what is a moggie?”

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