Day 198 – Lines & Circles

Art Apple - Day One Hundred Ninety EightI am struggling to come up with ideas!

On Saturdays I have been doing just a pretty painted apple and not posting much so that I can’t do – you know – Saturday stuff. But tonight for some reason I thought lines and circles. I never know what or how an idea might come out but I just have to go for it or I’ll be dead in the water and then the last 198 days would feel like they were for nothing. So I do the Nike thing and “just do it” – I just put something down and hope that y’all like it or if it ends up that I’m not sure of it or it isn’t my favorite I just hope you all won’t notice and it will get lost in the bunch.

These are the thoughts that go through my head as I start my daily piece. I may look like I’m confident but I’m so truly and completely lost most days. So if you like to draw or think you might like to put paint to paper some day – just go for it and enjoy the process. I’ve talked about this before but for me the creating and the pushing of my comfort zone is exhilarating if you let it be – if your just go loosey-goosey. Try it! Make an apple with lines and circles and don’t worry about how it comes out because you never have to show anyone. You just may find that you love what you created or you love doing it or you may hate it (so what if you do – throw it away and try again!)  What I promise you is that you will go somewhere else. You’ll get lost for a bit. If you have AS or you don’t – getting lost for a bit in this crazy, busy world is… exhilarating!

Until tomorrow.


Day 198 was created in graphite and watercolors.

*** One of my favorite posts about creativity was on Day 23 and a bit about the supplies feeling precious on  Day 2!

I’d also like to thank Grace McKee for her support and recent email with a whole slew of wonderful ideas! xox

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  1. Beautiful apple!!! … The idea is very original, lines and circles, you are very talented Jenna. Congratulations again!!

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