Day 195 – Apple Love

Art Apple - Day One Hundred Ninety Five

I love and adore my AS friends!

I have been so touched by your courage, strength, and unending hope and love.

Please pass this along to anyone who has showed you love and support. You can right click on the image and save it to your computer.

Print it, email it, or post it to a friends Facebook wall with this note:

“Thank you ______ . I’ve needed your support and understanding because living with AS is very difficult and challenging for me at times. You have given me compassion, you have not doubted me, and most of all you have stood by me – that makes you my cherished friend. This apple is full of my love to you”

Until tomorrow.


Day 195 was created in ink and watercolor – and a whole bunch of love!


5 Replies to “Day 195 – Apple Love”

  1. Beautiful Jenna!! I am inspired by all your beautiful apples, each and everyone is different according to your moods.
    I have started my own personal notebook, with drawings as I go along my every day experiences with AS, and my moods of that day. Thank you for inspiring me. I am not an artist, but we have to believe in ourselves, and just put on paper how we feel that day with this up and down roller coaster pains of AS.
    LOVE your work!!

    1. Thank you Hedy,
      I’ve seen various apples of yours pop up on facebook! I find the creative process on a daily basis to be extremely healing. Keep up that sketch book and experiment and just do. Never worry about the outcome – that is the amazing freeing watching something emerge.

  2. Hi Jenna:
    Your message today describes perfectly how a cousin of mine has stepped up to fill this role in my life after Mom passed away two years ago.
    Thanks again Jenna


    1. Rich,
      I’m so glad that you have such an amazing cousin. Please send him/her my love and gratitude. I hope you are both doing well and learning your way together. A self-less life is to me the most remarkable life of all. Bless you and your cousin.
      Big Soft Hug!

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