Day 193 – Fun Times Were Had

Art Apple - Day One Hundred Ninety Three

Oh – I feel so much better!

Doug and I had such a wonderful time getting away for a few days. I was able to clear my brain, stop thinking for a bit, and laugh and enjoy spending time with my husband.

We had a bit of snow Saturday night.

It simply fell.

Big, huge, and wet cleansing flakes who’s only purpose was to refresh.  The perfect weather for the perfect weekend.

Until tomorrow.


Day 193 was created in ink and watercolor

3 Replies to “Day 193 – Fun Times Were Had”

  1. Good to know you had a break Jenna. Sounds like you both enjoyed some time away together.
    Naomi goes to hospital early Friday for hip surgery.
    We’re all hoping it goes really well for her.
    A gentle hug

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