Day 188 – Spring in the Rockies!

Art Apple - Day One Hundred Eighty Eight

It finally feels like spring has hit the Rockies!

My tulips are up and blooming and the rhubarb is going crazy. I cannot wait for gardening season to get some much needed sun and exercise.

I hope you don’t mind that my posts have been small lately – the Hope & Apples Awareness Campaign is keeping me super busy but I promise you I will not miss a day of posting my daily apple! Check out the amazing stories at the new Hope And Apples website!

Until tomorrow.


Day 188 was created in watercolor.

3 Replies to “Day 188 – Spring in the Rockies!”

    1. I’d love the rhubarb bread recipe – actually my Mom is dying for it! And – just saw the first asparagus spear appear today – very exciting!

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