Day 165 – Happy Apple Pi Day

Art Apple - Day One Hundred Sixty Five

Today is Pi Day!

March  14th is 3.14 so it is Pi Day and I decided that it should also be Apple Pi day! Enjoy 🙂

Until tomorrow.


Day 165 was created in Letraset Pantone Tria markers – if you love markers these are the daddy of markers. Three hundred colors available and each have three tips per marker! They have just come out with a new Pro Marker line that I’m dying to try.

Also – had a blast at the Art Supply store today – I’m going through paper like crazy and I bought 12 new Golden Fluid Acrylics colors – probably my favorite new discovery in paint in a long time. I’m finding that they are amazingly vivid and intense which I love but that I can use them almost like a watercolor – which I love even more. So, yes – I’m in love!

5 Replies to “Day 165 – Happy Apple Pi Day”

  1. Today at the grocery store, my daughter told me it was “pie” day…she has a big sweet tooth and wanted me to buy a pie to celebrate. I had never heard of it and assumed “pie”. I led her to the fruit aisle instead. As soon as I saw your apple, it all clicked and I had to smile and show her your apples and explain what they represent..She, being quite the 11 year old artist would love to contribute to your guest apple series…..Everything happens for a reason and we are all connected somehow….thank you!

    1. Becca,
      What a wonderful story! I cannot wait to see your daughters apple! I truly believe in your sentiments – faith & kismet!

  2. Ok, so the fist draft was 8.5 X 11..We clearly did not read the requirements to submit a guest apple….so, we know the instructions now and are reworking the apple….soon to be delivered. My daughter Jane is very excited to work on this piece…

    1. Becca and Jane – I simply cannot wait to see your apples! I’m so sorry that you had to redo your apples – hopefully you had fun making them.

      Love & Apples,

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