Day 164 – Positively Positive… most days :)

Art Apple - Day One Hundred Sixty Four

You can live in a positive universe or a negative universe, but the choice is your – Albert Einstein

I’ve recently come across a Facebook page and organization called Positively Positive. I’m in love with it. It’s full of inspirational quotes, links to amazing people, and tidbits of good and positive thinking.  Their latest post is a Seth Godin video talking about optimism. He says that we stick with things because as human beings we have hope that it is going to be worth it. We all have our own challenges – some may need to stick with their piano lessons or a daily walk but for many of us with AS, it is about sticking with the fight to be better. I have hope that all our lives and health will continue to be better – it just may mean shifting some focus to get there. That’s a very difficult task when the pain takes up so much space in our brains. Yes, that is what constant pain does – but in the moments where there is an ease away from the pain, even if being positive about your current situation doesn’t seem possible – choose to dwell in optimism.

I spent so much of 2004 traveling in my mind to the HGTV dream home in St. Mary’s, Georgia. Sounds kinda funny now, but it saved me. I needed to find someplace to go that was a place without the pain and fatigue and uncertainty. I loved that house and registered to win it everyday. I can still walk through it and sit in the screened-in porch with the big fireplace and read a book. I can see the clawfoot tub through the French doors at the end of a hall and hear the water running for my bath. I can visit and paint in the tower perch with the 360 degree view. I went there when my body was so full of pain that I could only lay in bed and fight to get through another day. When the only choice I had was to hope for better days to come. Sticking with something for most people means a dream of inventing the next widget or being the next Michael Jordan – for those of us who have dealt with chronic illness – it can have an entirely different meaning.

Today I stick with my apples – my hope is for more people to understand that while being optimistic is a choice – under certain circumctances it looks different than these wonderful, inspirational teachers have any clue. Choose to dwell in optimism and hope – it doesn’t mean your life is in a good place but the practice can be wonderful and – worthwhile. And you will have learned how to fight for hope and optimism for when you feel well enough to make those dreams come true!

Until tomorrow.


Day 164 was created in acrylics

7 Replies to “Day 164 – Positively Positive… most days :)”

  1. love, love this post! i do the very same thing–and it usually has to do with hgtv! found you through maya and am loving your blog. keep it up!

  2. Hi Jenna

    These are wonderful words. I have tried to live my life in the positive and am sometimes too optimistic for my own good! But there are days as we all know where it is hard to crawl out of the hole.

    On days like that, I have a special place that I go to as well! It is our future house in the hills, amongst the trees, with birds chirping and butterflies fluttering about. I find myself decorating the living room, choosing cushions and paint swatches, and seeing myself on a sundrenched deck whilst I paint or do craft. Sitting with friends enjoying a bbq and thinking that life is so good. It is wonderful to dream isn’t it. I do plan to have this house one day, but until then, I will continue to visit there in my mind and rearrange furniture until it’s just right!

    Naomi x

  3. I’m still waiting on the call to hear my family’s won the hgtv Vermont home. As usual, your words and art inspire me. Thanks!

  4. I too had a place (Thankfully I no longer am living with what was my challenge with pain and radiation treatments daily) at the ocean, with just water and sky. Horizon. Infinity. I would draw. It was a life-saving visualization at the time, and still is. But no “furniture, paint swatches”. Emptiness was what I chose.

    1. Susan,
      I’m so glad you were by the ocean and painting too! I love your description of the sky, horizon, and infinity being the place of calm and emptiness. The strength of the mind and spirit astound me 🙂

      Blessings to you as well.

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