Day 136 – Love is Long

Art Apple - Day One Hundred Thirty Six
Art Apple - Day One Hundred Thirty Six

Brief is life but love is long. – Alfred Lord Tennyson

My niece is researching the genealogy on my husband’s side and it made me think of my grandmother, Ruth. When she passed away I was just finishing up college. There were a few of her belongings that I really wanted: a big prism that she kept in her south facing window, her wedding ring, and an old style lunch box that she decoupaged herself. It is actually very lovely.

The lunch box sat on top of her highboy chest in the dining room in a place of importance and honor. She used it to store bits of information, important letters, newspaper clippings and even a hand full of program schedules from The Boston Symphony Orchestra with her notes inside. She was not a fan of Schoenberg’s ‘Erwartung’ I would guess from the “Poor” notation but Schubert’s Symphony in C received “The Best” according to Nana.

After years of going through these tidbits of her life – they have become important to me and there is a piece of paper that dates back to the early 1800’s. It is a record of some of the Abbot children and when they passed away. I’ve included an image of this in todays piece. I feel love and connection to these people who lived two hundred years ago as well as great sadness about their short lives. Love apparently is long even when lives are not.

Until tomorrow.


Day 136 was created in mixed media and college.

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  1. Jen –
    A beautiful apple. Nana would love the fact that you treasure her lunch box and its contents. She spent a lot of time looking through her old letters which I have. Remembrance is something to treasure.

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