Day 132 – The New Blue

Art Apple - Day One Hundred Thirty Two
Art Apple - Day One Hundred Thirty Two


Why does such a fan-tabulous color have to mean sad. I don’t so much care that the color and meaning are linked to Greek mythology and Zeus creating rain storms when he was melancholy or that a ship that lost its captain during a voyage flew a blue flag. I like the German’s approach best that blue means someone who’s drunk.

Isn’t language grand!

How do we ever figure one another out? I’m thinking you are sad and a German is thinking you spent too much time in the “biergarten.” Colors should not be associated with emotions because you then end up with “seeing red”  and anger vs. Valentine’s Day and love. Red definitely has an identity crisis! I know – it’s sheer silliness, but latching onto a color can also create brilliance in branding. I’m green with envy over any emotion, product, or cause that has managed to have a corner on the market of a color!

Until tomorrow.


Day 132 was created in the new blue – one for Spondylitis!

5 Replies to “Day 132 – The New Blue”

  1. Nice one Jen 🙂 I like blue, it’s one of my favourite colours – well turquoise is actually! I never associate blue with feeling down. Blue reminds me of the ocean and the sky and those things make me feel happy and alive.

    Keep up the awesome work.

    Naomi x

    1. Naomi, I love blue for the same reasons. Thank you for all of your support. I’d like you to have this piece – it won’t be until I finish the project but I really want you to have this one. Jenna

  2. My favorite color is pink. But blue is beautiful, like Naomi said, when I saw blue I feel peace like when I can stand in the beach.
    This paint is lovely, I feel peace when I see this apple, I feel melancholy because I start to remember when I was living in Florida.
    Sweet Hugs!

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