Day 131 – Let Love Rule

Art Apple - Day One Hundred Thirty One
Art Apple - Day One Hundred Thirty One

Give love.

The last time I was so active with my art was the couple of years before I got sick. We were living in the bay area south of San Francisco and I was helping to run a small non-profit community art school. After years in sales it was refreshing and rewarding and I was surrounded by artists. I became so inspired that I needed canvas fast so instead of making frames, stretching the canvas, and needing to gesso and prep for painting I rushed out to the art supply store to buy some ready made. The problem was that I bought two huge canvases and they wouldn’t fit in the back of my car so I had no choice but to strap them to the roof! Since it was a beautiful day, I was not going home empty handed.

The whole time I had a huge smile on my face because I was aware that I looked very silly and apparently I was right because I looked up from my square knot to see a sweet looking old man standing on the sidewalk just watching me. I said hello and we started chatting. And then, this glorious stranger said something so lovely and wonderful that when I got home I took down his words.

He said, “Paint what is inside of you and it will be glorious. You make my heart sing.” WOW! I’ve never forgotten him and his heartfelt words. They are a part of me. Kind words, of the heart and from a stranger are extremely powerful. Let love rule – find a way to speak kindly to strangers because who knows, you may end up living in their hearts forever.

Until tomorrow.


Day 131 was created with acrylic paints, glaze, torn brown paper bag, watercolor paper, graphite, and a splash of red.

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  1. Another favorite, and another apple that’s gonna be printed out and added to my wall collection – which is getting rather large at this point ( :

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Jenna!

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