Day 128 – Embrace – The Apple!

Art Apple - Day One Hundred Twenty Eight
Art Apple - Day One Hundred Twenty Eight


I love a good hug so I hate to admit that at one point in time I was very tentative about getting a hug from someone new because I didn’t know their hugging “style” and some forms of a hug could be just plain painful to my inflamed joints.  There is almost always a dominant hugger; the person who is more enthusiastic and demonstrative overtakes the, dare I say, lamer hugger. Here is the hug hierarchy as I see it:

  1. Non-Hug Hug – The super lamest of the bunch. Even worse than the One Arm Hug, it’s like embracing a dead fish and it leaves you feeling slighted and almost sad for the Non-Hug Hugger because you wonder how they were never taught to hug.
  2. One Armed Hug – Come on, use both arms! One arm says – “meh.”
  3. Happy Hug – Big full armed hug often accompanied by the sway back and forth. Love these!
  4. Bear Hug – Similar to the Happy Hug but with quite a bit more squeeze and often the pat on the back.
  5. Death Grip – Over the top and as unnecessary as the Non-Hug Hug. The whole idea of a hug is to make someone feel good – if you want to convey more than a Bear Hug add in a bit of the Happy Hug or even better yet, the best hug around – the Special Hug!

The sixth hug is in a category all its own because there is something a bit more behind it – emotional support.

6. Special Hug – a hug with meaning behind it. More than a hello, it is reserved for comforting, passion, or in an extra special situation. These are simply the best!

One of my favorite things in the world is the Free Hugs Campaign. A one man mission to dispense free hugs to strangers to brighten their day! Watch the video – it’s wonderful. Sending you all a warm, happy, and special bear of a hug!

Until tomorrow.


Day 128 was created with an image of the earth, watercolor, ink, and collage.

Also – RA Warrior website has some wonderful new t-shirts that say “hug gently”.

***New Guest Artist Apple*** by Michael Smith

4 Replies to “Day 128 – Embrace – The Apple!”

  1. I’ve got to agree with you on receiving & giving hugs-reminds people how much you care. That & a smile makes any day a little easier. Love, sis

  2. Jenna, this is one of my favorite of your apples. I was recently turned on to your Apple A Day campaign. I have had AS for 26 years. Thank you for sharing your talent and words of wisdom. 🙂

    1. Tyler, It’s so great to meet you! Thank you for taking the time to comment – the support that I get from people and especially fellow AS’ers means the world to me. I’ve got a long way to go yet but…. one day and one step at a time! My very best to you, Jenna

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