Day 112 – It’s Called Yellow

I’ve been dreaming of a yellow apple.  Yes, I dream of apples 🙂

The Coldplay song “Yellow” is one of my favorites.  Chris Martin, the lead vocalist for the band has explained of the song: “‘Yellow’ refers to the mood of the band. Brightness and hope and devotion.”  How and when did yellow become associated with cowardice?  It’s just wrong that such a cheerful and delightful hue have anything negative about it. Today’s piece is “It’s Called Yellow.”

Here’s to calling yellow as it should be – bright and hopeful!  Have a yellow day!

Until tomorrow.


Day 112 is a mixed media piece with Golden liquid and regular acrylics, brown india ink, tracing paper, and graphite.

2 Replies to “Day 112 – It’s Called Yellow”

  1. Love your yellow apple. As you well know, the Golden Delicious is one of my favorites; a touch of pear in taste and appearance. One of our favorite tunes from a while back was “I’m just mad about Saffron” which dances into my mind every time I use the spice; love the way those little crocus parts (the stamen right?) go from orange to a flush of yellow in rice or soups. Glad a pinch works so well as saffron is about as dear a spice as one can find. I’m with you…..let yellow brighten your day from a glowing sunrise to a vibrant sunset.

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