Day 102 – Scraped together.

Sometimes I feel like I’m down there in the trenches scraping and clawing  to pull this together each day.

I don’t want to admit when in the past three months I procrastinated and tormented myself until I finally managed an apple in the nick of time.  I want every post to be wonderful, clever, and interesting for my readers and followers even though I know that it isn’t realistic.  I have a running list of ideas that I occasionally read over and over again looking for that spark of inspiration that will get me motivated.  Thank you all for all of the ideas for my inspiration.  Please keep them coming 🙂

Since Mom and I are still traveling to Maine on our road trip, I knew I needed to scrape something together (o.k. I’ll admit it today) and just started “scraping” paint across the page.  Some days inspiration never happens – I know I just need to sit down and do it – like most things in life.

Until tomorrow.


Day 102 was scraped together with acrylic paint.

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    1. Betty, I went to your blog and some of the news sites. Please be safe – you, your family, and the people of Queensland are in my thoughts and prayers. Jenna

    1. Hi Tom, One day at a time 🙂 A step at a time. Thanks for your wonderful words of encouragement – I’ve met some really wonderful people with AS and without AS who inspire me to keep on keeping on! Jenna

  1. Why don’t you just forget about planning ahead if today’s scrapings end up as this wonderful creation. I can’t believe that the quality of art is necessarily a function of time and effort as much as inspiration and talent. I love everything about it and I don’t think you should let anyone know that you just “threw it together”. Look at the colors, the texture; I think it’s brilliant!

    1. Thank you Dad! We can’t wait to have you home from China. I like you a bit closer:) I adore you and thank you for such a lovely and supportive comment today. xxoo

  2. 102 reminds me of when I was a kid, feeling achy, and my mom would take my temperature (with a thermometer! A glass tube filled with mercury! Under my tongue! Nowadays, you stick an electronic thingy in the ear. But I digress…) She’d say “yep, 102. You have a fever.” And today I have a fever. I HAVE A FEEVAH! AND THE ONLY CURE IS – MORE APPLES!
    Today’s bit of crazy is brought to you by – lonely husband, stuck at home, where I can count the number of degrees outside on one finger.

    1. Hi Betty, I’ve been following in the news reports. The images and video are devastating. Naomi mentioned that she saw some blue sky today – gosh I really hope that the rains are over. Thinking of you all. Jenna

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