Day 101 – Intro to Apple Art or Intro to AS

I love composing my post titles, but I’ve been sitting here for 30 minutes trying to come up with a clever post for my 101 day.  I do like “Intro to Apple Art” or “Intro to AS”.  I could pull a bunch of great information together to tell you more about AS and give you a content filled post but – OMG – my brain is not working!

When I get tired my AS tends to give me brain fog, and for the next couple of days my prime directive (yeah, I’m a bit of a geek – that’s Star Trek speech) is our trip back to Maine so hang in there everyone – as soon as I’m back on a regular schedule, I’ll come up with something brilliant to go with my title – lol.

Until tomorrow.


Day 101 was made with pen & ink and watercolor.

2 Replies to “Day 101 – Intro to Apple Art or Intro to AS”

  1. 101 is a good number. As you mention, it is often connected with “Intro” classes – Econ 101, Sociology 101, etc. It is also the designation of one of the most famous Army divisions – the 101st Airborne Division, whose Easy Company was the inspirtation for “Band of Brothers” (and whose hero, Maj. Richard Winters, recently passed away: as well as the number of the iconic California highway that goes over the Golden Gate Bridge, one of my favorites. And of course, there’s that dalmation thing, too.

    1. My sweet husband – helping out with my Day 101 post. I love you sweetie! Now all I can picture is a 101 Dalmation’s Apple – white with black spots on a red background 🙂

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