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Day 294 – Paint Softly

If you can learn from hard knocks, you can also learn from soft touches. – Carolyn Kenmore I love painting with over the top color – except of course, for those times I crave painting softly. When painting softly remember – carry a BIG paintbrush – just in case. Until tomorrow. Jenna Day 294 was […]

Day 188 – Spring in the Rockies!

It finally feels like spring has hit the Rockies! My tulips are up and blooming and the rhubarb is going crazy. I cannot wait for gardening season to get some much needed sun and exercise. I hope you don’t mind that my posts have been small lately – the Hope & Apples Awareness Campaign is […]

Day Two – Watercolor

Yea!  It’s day two and I got the watercolors out and dusted off. I love my watercolors and the pallet I use when I paint with them.  I had a wonderful teacher in college who I learned so much from and she showed me how to set up a watercolor pallet.  You squeeze out the […]