Day Twenty one – Quilted

I’m loving creating my Art Apples!  I’ve had some wonderful comments and feedback and I want to thank you all for the amazing support – it keeps me going and gives me strength.  One day at a time – an art apple a day!

I’m committed to my endeavor and to helping bring awareness to Ankylosing Spondylitis.

I have to tell you all that I had something really wonderful happen today.  As an artist (I have a BFA and I still have trouble calling myself that) we all look for confirmation, validation and praise.  It is so difficult to open yourself up to the world and say “I created this”.  So… acceptance is like air – we can’t live without it.  I have spent too many years afraid that my work would be anything but loved because I couldn’t accept anything else.  The need for this can become absolutely paralyzing in the creative process so when a stranger takes the time to validate your work it is more than the air we need, it’s like air that contains pure love.  It feels different – it is sustenance in a way that makes every cell in your body take notice.  I had a stranger approve of what I do and that stranger is an amazing accomplished artist – it made me weep (seriously I started bawling) to read the words of his note, especially because he lives with AS too so I know he understands where I’ve been.

Thank you Tom for your kind words.

Until tomorrow.


Day Nineteen – Pink Apple for Breast Cancer

Just under the wire tonight.  I’ve been wanting to do a pink apple for my friend Sandy and all women dealing with breast cancer.

I spent the evening flying back home to Denver and I drew this somewhere over Iowa and Nebraska and got home just with enough time to watercolor the design.  Whew!

Until tomorrow.


Day Five – Still a life

My friend Sandy made a great suggestion on Sunday for an Art Apple.   She had just finished her 10th Race For The Cure in Denver – her first as someone living and surviving with breast cancer.  Although my blog is to highlight Ankylosing Spondylitis awareness, it is also to thank people who support anyone living and dealing with health issues.  So her suggestion was perfect (thank you Sandy!)

A Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Apple!

I sat down this evening very excited to create her apple.  I had a clear idea of a hot pink apple with a chartreuse background painted in acrylics but, sometimes the creative process just happens and you don’t fight it.  So…. this isn’t Sandy’s apple – it will have to wait until another day (and I have a new vision for it now too – lol.)  Today’s apple sorta looks like a peach to me but – eh…. I’ll be my biggest critic I suppose.

Until tomorrow.


Day One

My first Apple
Art Apple - Day One

So here’s the Concept:  To give the gift of my art in a unique way.  To bring awareness to Ankylosing Spondylitis and support my love of creating art.

Idea:  Make a piece of small art of an apple each day starting October 1, 2010 and give the original away and document the process online via blog and website.  Start by posting it on my blog –  Post the piece each day and follow up with posts of who I gave the original to and a story about it.  Prints will be available for sale

This concept incorporates

  1. Ankylosing Spondylitis Awareness
  2. Sharing my art with the world.
  3. Community and giving.

Background:  An apple a day keeps the doctor away has its beginnings dating back to 1866 as Welsh folk proverb. .  I will use the image of the Apple every day as a way to help people with a horrible disease by bring awareness, giving gifts of the pieces to my supporters, AS survivors, and people who need a piece of joy, and by selling the prints to support my efforts and future donations to great causes for health.

Specifics of Art:  A small manageable daily drawing/painting/mixed media piece produced each day.  A 6” x 6” piece of paper with a 5” x 5” image – no other restrictions.