Monthly Archives February 2011

Day 141 – “Yeah, my back hurts too.”

Caution:  Rant ahead. If I could collect a dollar for every time I heard the statement, “Yeah, my back hurts too”  I’d have enough money to fund the entire HHS and CDC! Ok, that made me laugh. But the point is that this is what we, as people with Ankylosing Spondylitis, hear. If you think […]

Day 140 – Simplicity

Some days I have a hankering for simple things. A glass of iced tea, a good book (the kind made with paper), and taking a moment to sit in the sun out on the front porch and throw the ball for the dog. Pattern for me is calming because it’s based on rules and guidelines. […]

Day 139 – Just having Fun!

Sometimes you just have to have fun! I had such a glorious but crazy busy day. I’ll tell you all about it soon but it involves a guest post on the WEGO health blog about the first ever Twitter chat with Big Pharma! A huge step in the right direction! Until tomorrow. Jenna Day 139 […]

Day 138 – Can’t see the Apple for the Trees

I try not to get caught in the trap. By focusing on the details we can lose site of the big picture. Lately my life just seems to be easier when lived in the minutia.  Taking one day and one apple at a time may get me to 365 days but if I think of […]

Day 137 – Topiary

I love to garden. It amazes me to see something come to life from a seed or a dormant bunch of twigs. For me it’s a way to paint with living things and I’ve always been very interested in trying my hand at topiary. Country Living had an article last year or maybe two years […]

Day 136 – Love is Long

Brief is life but love is long. – Alfred Lord Tennyson My niece is researching the genealogy on my husband’s side and it made me think of my grandmother, Ruth. When she passed away I was just finishing up college. There were a few of her belongings that I really wanted: a big prism that she […]

Day 135 – Apple Calligram

Calligram. The words and world of AS in a Calligram! Until tomorrow. Jenna Day 135 was created in black ink.

Day 134 – Cobwebs and my Once Upon a Time

My mind has been full of cobwebs. Not the good kind of webs – not the kind that interconnect and tell a story, but the kind that fog up your thinking. It happens to me when I stretch out my infusion dates (an attempt to save money) and go from my usual and effective 5 […]

Day 133 – Bleeding Heart

Oh, my bleeding heart. Until tomorrow. Jenna Day 133 was created in watercolor.

Day 132 – The New Blue

Blue. Why does such a fan-tabulous color have to mean sad. I don’t so much care that the color and meaning are linked to Greek mythology and Zeus creating rain storms when he was melancholy or that a ship that lost its captain during a voyage flew a blue flag. I like the German’s approach […]