Monthly Archives January 2011

Day 113 – Self Portrait

This one was fun! I guess my hair isn’t quite this red currently and I have green eyes not blue.  I might also have few extra pounds right now (and my husband will say that I didn’t do justice to his favorite assets but, meh 🙂  Isn’t artistic license a glorious concept; I can make […]

Day 112 – It’s Called Yellow

I’ve been dreaming of a yellow apple.  Yes, I dream of apples 🙂 The Coldplay song “Yellow” is one of my favorites.  Chris Martin, the lead vocalist for the band has explained of the song: “‘Yellow’ refers to the mood of the band. Brightness and hope and devotion.”  How and when did yellow become associated […]

Day 111 – Pretty in Pink

Pink makes everything look good! I painted my office a rich, deep shade of orang-y pink.  It surrounds me in its glow and wraps me up in yummy!  I was asked by a fellow AS blogger friend, Maya, what three things I couldn’t live without. What an amazingly wonderful and difficult question to answer because with […]

Day 110 – Cut open

Blogs and bloggers are often accused of being narcissistic. I understand where this comes from, I do.  Bloggers spend a lot of time talking about themselves but they do it to attempt to reach their reader – to hopefully give you something of value so that you’ll come back 🙂 I promise to try to […]

Day 109 – Life Saver – Medical Alert Bracelet

Medical Alert bracelets can be life savers for people with AS. I hadn’t really thought much about having one until my Rheumatologist asked me at my last visit if I had a Medical Alert bracelet. Uugh. I would like to completely ignore this topic not only out of vanity but also due to silly personal […]

Day 108 – Picasso Apple

Apparently, I’m an antique. One of the comments left in an article at said something to this effect because I follow an archaic practice. I found out that I am incorrectly putting two spaces after a period at the end of a sentence. The “news” that states that one space is the current preference […]

Day 107 – Home Sweet Home

I’m glad to be home. I had a wonderful trip to see my family but I really missed my sweet husband and the beasties.  I got in just before midnight last night and finally turned the lights out and put my head on the pillow around 1:30 a.m.  Uugh – I was such a tired […]

Day 106 – Travel Day

Traveling back to Colorado today! I’ve had a wonderful time with Mom – it was quite a road trip.  We decided that we were a mother/daughter Thelma & Louise but without the illegal activity or bad ending and unfortunately we came across no hitchhikers who looked like Brad Pitt!  And my time with my brothers […]

Day 105 – Heartfelt

I’ m thinking about all of my family tonight and all families everywhere as well as people who are alone. Until tomorrow. Jenna Day 105 was created in watercolor.

Day 104 – Choose Tolerance

We label things.  Stupid.  Fat.  Cool.  Geek. A label is different than a description, because it includes a preconceived notion or judgment.  We organize our world around labels, but they can become destructive and discriminating.   Whenever I think of how horrible it is to place some of these labels on one another, I think of […]