Day 113 – Self Portrait

This one was fun!

I guess my hair isn’t quite this red currently and I have green eyes not blue.  I might also have few extra pounds right now (and my husband will say that I didn’t do justice to his favorite assets but, meh 🙂  Isn’t artistic license a glorious concept; I can make myself into whatever I want! I’ve written an article for Fight Like A Girl Club (article archived) since I’ll be guest blogging there and my first one deals with a dream about this to pic.  Stay tuned!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Until tomorrow.


Day 113 was created as a mixed media piece using everything but the kitchen sink.

Also – I’ve decided that “:)” should work as well as a “.” to end a sentence.

Day 112 – It’s Called Yellow

I’ve been dreaming of a yellow apple.  Yes, I dream of apples 🙂

The Coldplay song “Yellow” is one of my favorites.  Chris Martin, the lead vocalist for the band has explained of the song: “‘Yellow’ refers to the mood of the band. Brightness and hope and devotion.”  How and when did yellow become associated with cowardice?  It’s just wrong that such a cheerful and delightful hue have anything negative about it. Today’s piece is “It’s Called Yellow.”

Here’s to calling yellow as it should be – bright and hopeful!  Have a yellow day!

Until tomorrow.


Day 112 is a mixed media piece with Golden liquid and regular acrylics, brown india ink, tracing paper, and graphite.

Day 111 – Pretty in Pink

Pink makes everything look good!

I painted my office a rich, deep shade of orang-y pink.  It surrounds me in its glow and wraps me up in yummy!  I was asked by a fellow AS blogger friend, Maya, what three things I couldn’t live without. What an amazingly wonderful and difficult question to answer because with having AS we give up a lot.  I may ski again but I think of the consequences of falling.  I love to dance but I can’t get the memory of hip pain out of my mind when I think of taking lessons. And what I wouldn’t give to ride a roller coaster without worrying about the pain it will bring afterwards. I will do these things again but I can live without them.

And I could live without the three things that I will tell her I can’t live without and one of them is color.

Wrap me up in a pretty pink and I’m a happy gal!

Until tomorrow.


Day 111 was created with regular and metallic acrylic inks and a touch of yellow watercolor.

Day 110 – Cut open

Blogs and bloggers are often accused of being narcissistic.

I understand where this comes from, I do.  Bloggers spend a lot of time talking about themselves but they do it to attempt to reach their reader – to hopefully give you something of value so that you’ll come back 🙂

I promise to try to keep my ramblings and rants to a minimum for the next 255 days but I also promise to show you the cut open side of Ankylosing Spondylitis.  This is the place we have trouble exposing to the air because we’re afraid you might view us as less than we truly are – and see the withering at the edges.

Until tomorrow.


Day 110 was created with watercolor only.  Usually I draw a light outline in pencil but today I decided to wing it!

***New Guest Artist*** Please check out the Guest Apples page – Grace McKee is featured today – you’ll love her unique art!

Day 109 – Life Saver – Medical Alert Bracelet

Medical Alert bracelets can be life savers for people with AS.

I hadn’t really thought much about having one until my Rheumatologist asked me at my last visit if I had a Medical Alert bracelet. Uugh. I would like to completely ignore this topic not only out of vanity but also due to silly personal denial.  That’s a crazy part of living with a chronic illness – if you don’t tell anyone what you are dealing with you can pretend that you are fine.  A medical alert bracelet does its job quite well. Its purpose is to ALERT people so, people notice – so much for pretending once I take this step. I will buy a medi-alert of some type and I urge my fellow AS’ers to do the same because here are the facts from the Spondylitis Association of America.

“Emergency First Responders called to care for a patient with ankylosing spondylitis must remember that their patient’s spine may be inflexible and traditional protocols for emergency care may do more harm than good. Since the fused spine of an AS patient can be extremely fragile and may fracture easily with even minor trauma, the following EMS techniques must be modified to accommodate patients with AS, including:

  • Transport Considerations
  • Cervical Collar Use
  • Airway Management
  • CPR

It has been reported in the medical literature that there is an estimated 35% to 58% mortality rate in people with AS following a spinal fracture, and additionally, that AS patients are at high risk for serious spinal injury and increased neurological complications even in the event of minor trauma.”

So, I guess I’ll be thinking about the idea of the Life Saver – the Medical Alert Bracelet.  And looking for just the right one for me 🙂

Until tomorrow.


Day 109 was created in graphite and watercolor.

Also – please remember to check out the Guest Apples tab at the top of the page.  I posted two today made by Anna West and I’ll be posting one by Grace McKee tomorrow!

Day 108 – Picasso Apple

Apparently, I’m an antique.

One of the comments left in an article at said something to this effect because I follow an archaic practice. I found out that I am incorrectly putting two spaces after a period at the end of a sentence.

The “news” that states that one space is the current preference came as a bit of a shock and I’m not adjusting very well to the revalation – and neither are my fingers 🙂  I don’t really care if it’s one space of two.  I’m not attached to the practice even if my reflexes think they are. My shock comes from missing the change – when did this happen and where was I?

According to Picasso – “We don’t grow older, we grow riper.” I’m feeling very ripe and a bit bruised – well, at least my ego is!

Until tomorrow.


Day 108 was created in Letraset (talk about antiques) Tria Pantone markers.

Day 107 – Home Sweet Home

I’m glad to be home.

I had a wonderful trip to see my family but I really missed my sweet husband and the beasties.  I got in just before midnight last night and finally turned the lights out and put my head on the pillow around 1:30 a.m.  Uugh – I was such a tired camper this morning but I had a movie and lunch planned with my girlfriends for weeks to celebrate Alison’s Birthday and I would not cancel.  I have let people down due to canceling parties and outings at the last minute because of my AS and I just hate that part of dealing with this disease.  I’ll sleep tomorrow – in my home sweet home.

Until tomorrow – sweet dreams!


Day 107 was made in ink and watercolor.

Day 106 – Travel Day

Traveling back to Colorado today!

I’ve had a wonderful time with Mom – it was quite a road trip.  We decided that we were a mother/daughter Thelma & Louise but without the illegal activity or bad ending and unfortunately we came across no hitchhikers who looked like Brad Pitt!  And my time with my brothers and their kids and Amy was so precious to me.   But, it will be nice to be home and back to a regular schedule.

Until tomorrow.


Day 106 was created with watercolor crayons, water, and graphite.

Day 104 – Choose Tolerance

We label things.  Stupid.  Fat.  Cool.  Geek.

A label is different than a description, because it includes a preconceived notion or judgment.  We organize our world around labels, but they can become destructive and discriminating.   Whenever I think of how horrible it is to place some of these labels on one another, I think of Dr. Seuss’ book “The Sneetches” which shows the senselessness of feeling superior to others.

“until neither the Plain nor the Star-Bellies knew

whether this one was that one… or that one was this one

or which one was what one… or what one was who.”

My apple image today shows a place for a label, but no description.  I have been labeled by people who have no idea what living with a chronic illness is about and this judgment has made me more tolerant of others.  Sometimes it takes going through the machine to understand that “you can teach a sneetch!”

Until tomorrow.


Day 104 was created with mixed media.