Day Fifty one – R2-D2 Apple!

This is a long overdue request.

My cousin Dave’s wife Nicole told me that their son Jack (gosh is he 4 or 5?) loves to check out my apples and that he had a request for a Star Wars apple and R2-D2 was agreed upon.  So…. this one’s for you Jack!  Doug helped – I couldn’t figure out what to do for the background and he said put him on the Sands of Tatooine.  What?   I had to google it.

I’d love to create more Art Apples from requests so I’ve decided that one day a week I’ll do an Apple from one of your suggestions. If you follow me on Twitter you know that there is something called Follow Friday so Friday seem like a great day!  Send me your requests – either comment here or put them on my facebook page at ArtAppleADay and I’ll choose one to do each week.

Until tomorrow.


Day 51 was created with pen, watercolor and a bit of white acrylic (hate to admit it) – If you are a die hard watercolorist then you know how big of a sin this is…. oh well.

Day Fifty – Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mom’s Birthday!

I am so lucky that she is my best friend, my biggest champion for following my dreams and talent, and the person I wanted to speak with when I was so sick that I was crying out in pain.  She was there at my side back in 2000 when I went to a doctor at a Stanford (yes, the Stanford) practice before I was diagnosed who asked me – “How is your marriage?”  Yeah, that was the cause of my pain – hah – going on 13 years…  I could see steam coming out of her ears.  When my Remicade treatment was delayed this month, she bless her dear heart, said “You are NOT going back there – go get that infusion!”

My mom, Susan, is amazingly smart (the go to in the family for all things concerning the English language – Bates College English major and first to correct our use of me vs. I and bring & take.) She is clever and quick and has a subtle, charming sense of humor and an amazing eye for design (although she will disagree.)  She is a wonderful grandmother to my brother’s kids and just retired from many years as the heart of my parents’ business and then a wonderful career at Bowdoin College.

I’m just so lucky she’s my Mom and I adore her.  So, Happy Birthday Mom – this apple celebration is for you!

Until tomorrow.


Day 50 was created with extra love and care….. and watercolor.  These apples are my first Golden Delicious – usually I go for the reds and greens but cake seemed like it would be better this way!

Day Forty nine – Happy Appletini!

I have been emailing and becoming friends with a lot of new people I’ve met since I started making my Art Apples on October 1st.

Christine sends me great apple ideas and today I received an email from her after she saw yesterday’s post saying that she was going to suggest an Appletini but it looked like I had beat her to it.  It was Tee-ney!  So I thought I’d go with the thought.  I’ve got some great apple ideas for the next few days – sign up via email or RSS to get notice of everyday’s new apple!  Tomorrow is Day Fifty!!!

Until tomorrow.


Day 49 was created with pen, ink and watercolor.

One Appletini, two appletini, three appletine, FLOOR!

Day Forty eight – Miniature Apple

It is so vast out there!  The internet that is supposed to make our world smaller by instantly connecting over 6 billion of us can often make me feel very, very tiny.  Not small but tiny.  Tiny in comparison to the total number of pageviews, twitter followers, likes and hits that this so called connectedness causes us, well me anyway, to be conscience of.  I may need to rethink my purpose here.  I’m spending too much time worrying about the insignificant things and not the art and whether or not it can help.  Is it making any difference?  Can it ever?  I am committed to my 365 days of Apples and I believe that people will and do like what I’m doing here but….  people will either “like” it or not.  And if you do – please pass this site on to someone else who might like it also.  I am going to go paint 🙂

Until tomorrow.


Day Forty eight was created with watercolor.

Day Forty seven – Celtic Heart Apple

I know nothing about Celtic Designs.  What I love about the culture is the patterns that are centuries old.  I started looking at the symbolism and myth when I came across this Celtic Knot that is tied in a way to make a heart by intertwining the rope just so.

Who’s heart doesn’t twist and turn and get tied up in knots – our stomach’s don’t have the corner of the market on that!

Until tomorrow.


Watch this video to see how it’s made!

Day 47 was made with ink and watercolor.

Day Forty Six – Post it – Art Apple A Day!

I need my post it notes!  What did we do before we had these simple little pieces of paper?

Blackberries, Androids, iPhones – phaaa.  They are wonderful and I am addicted to my Droid but paper and pen will never… ever… go away.  Please no.  You cannot replace what you can touch and feel with bits and bytes.  The way the hand creates a line isn’t about algorithms or vectors or hex codes.

I saw a post today that showed their list of outdated art supplies, many of which I use everyday.  I could make all my art in Photoshop but where is the human-ness and spontaneity in that?   I’m staying with pen and paper and – post it’s!!!

Until tomorrow.


Day 46 was created with pen & ink!

Day Forty five – English Cottage Apple

Don’t you think that life often puts things in front of you precisely when you need them the most.

I subscribe to a Newsletter from a really cool website called Brain Pickings and today it arrived with a TED video talk that completely captivated me.  A woman by the name of Brene Brown speaks and writes about the concept of  wholeheartedness.  Her belief is that to live life whole – heartedly you must be not only authentic but also vulnerable.  That is the tricky part – opening yourself up to life and exposing yourself.    This has been something that I’ve struggled with.  I’ve spent most of the last 8 years hiding this horrible disease from co-workers, friends, and even some family.  I didn’t want to be treated differently, doubted, or ridiculed.  I somehow felt that having AS made me less of a person and that I had personally failed.

I’ve come a long way in the past few years but announcing to the world that I have Ankylosing Spondylitis with this site was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done.  It took a long time to realize that it is part of what makes me who I am and to not be ashamed of it.  Now my challenge is to continually push myself to tell more about my journey – to live life sharing not only my art but myself.

Until tomorrow.


Day 45 was created with ink & watercolor.

Day Forty four – Let the paint go!

A box arrived in the mail today.

I was expecting it and I knew for the most part what was in it since my Mom had asked me during my visit a few weeks back if I’d like a couple of things from her collection.  I was still excited to open it up and unwrap the goodies:  a milk glass pitcher that was my Nana’s, a small pottery vase that I think I’ll use for my paintbrushes, a cranberry fleece hand-me-down as well as some very utilitarian items that I can only find in Maine – very exciting stuff – a salad dressing I love and a specific type of chore boy scrubbers for doing the dishes (4 boxes)!  All of these simple, wonderful things connect me to my Mom and Dad who live so far away.  We checked – it’s 2148.67 miles to my parents  house from here in Colorado according to Yahoo maps!    Living so far away is difficult.  My parents are my dear friends, two of my three biggest supporters and just amazing people.  Truly good, honest, hard working lovely people.  A box full of things from them, from home, makes them close.  For now anyway.

Until tomorrow.


Day 44 was created with gouache on watercolor paper using a wet on wet technique.

Day Forty three – Don’t cage me in…

I’m a bit of a free spirit – my Mom is laughing now – she would never have qualified that statement with the adjective “bit”!

I started thinking about this last year.  Last December I went back to corporate America.  I loved it – I did.  I loved the people I worked with, I loved the product I was selling, and I loved being part of something.  But – isn’t there always a but – I felt caged in.  Not able to make anything happen in the bureaucracy – it drove me insane.  One of my favorite quotes is from Sir Joshua Reynolds – “genius begins where rules end.”  Sometimes you need to open the door and see where you might go.

Until tomorrow.


Day 43 was created in pen & ink.

Site update:  I figured out the email system.  For my email subscribers – sorry for the delay in getting your daily email Apple when I moved my site over but I worked it out (still learning how to make all of this work)