Monthly Archives November 2010

Day Fifty one – R2-D2 Apple!

This is a long overdue request. My cousin Dave’s wife Nicole told me that their son Jack (gosh is he 4 or 5?) loves to check out my apples and that he had a request for a Star Wars apple and R2-D2 was agreed upon.  So…. this one’s for you Jack!  Doug helped – I […]

Day Fifty – Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mom’s Birthday! I am so lucky that she is my best friend, my biggest champion for following my dreams and talent, and the person I wanted to speak with when I was so sick that I was crying out in pain.  She was there at my side back in 2000 when I […]

Day Forty nine – Happy Appletini!

I have been emailing and becoming friends with a lot of new people I’ve met since I started making my Art Apples on October 1st. Christine sends me great apple ideas and today I received an email from her after she saw yesterday’s post saying that she was going to suggest an Appletini but it […]

Day Forty eight – Miniature Apple

It is so vast out there!  The internet that is supposed to make our world smaller by instantly connecting over 6 billion of us can often make me feel very, very tiny.  Not small but tiny.  Tiny in comparison to the total number of pageviews, twitter followers, likes and hits that this so called connectedness […]

Day Forty seven – Celtic Heart Apple

I know nothing about Celtic Designs.  What I love about the culture is the patterns that are centuries old.  I started looking at the symbolism and myth when I came across this Celtic Knot that is tied in a way to make a heart by intertwining the rope just so. Who’s heart doesn’t twist and […]

Day Forty six – Post it – Art Apple A Day!

I need my post it notes!  What did we do before we had these simple little pieces of paper? Blackberries, Androids, iPhones – phaaa.  They are wonderful and I am addicted to my Droid but paper and pen will never… ever… go away.  Please no.  You cannot replace what you can touch and feel with […]

Day Forty five – English Cottage Apple

Art Apple – Day Forty five Don’t you think that life often puts things in front of you precisely when you need them the most. I subscribe to a Newsletter from a really cool website called Brain Pickings and today it arrived with a TED video talk that completely captivated me.  A woman by the […]

Day Forty four – Let the paint go!

A box arrived in the mail today. I was expecting it and I knew for the most part what was in it since my Mom had asked me during my visit a few weeks back if I’d like a couple of things from her collection.  I was still excited to open it up and unwrap […]

Day Forty three – Don’t cage me in…

I’m a bit of a free spirit – my Mom is laughing now – she would never have qualified that statement with the adjective “bit”! I started thinking about this last year.  Last December I went back to corporate America.  I loved it – I did.  I loved the people I worked with, I loved […]

Day Forty two – Ms. Pacman!

I love thinking about the pop culture apples.  I have a huge list of more to come.  If you haven’t seen my Superman, Mr. Potato Head or the Wizard of Oz – take a look for those if you haven’t seen them. If you have any ideas for more, please let me know. Until tomorrow. […]