Monthly Archives October 2010

Day Twenty one – Quilted

I’m loving creating my Art Apples!  I’ve had some wonderful comments and feedback and I want to thank you all for the amazing support – it keeps me going and gives me strength.  One day at a time – an art apple a day! I’m committed to my endeavor and to helping bring awareness to Ankylosing […]

Day Twenty – Wallpaper mixed media

Great to be home! My cat Bittie couldn’t stay off my lap today – and Ella my sweet Border Collie/Aussie mix was attached to my side. I’m very excited to have my studio and plethora of supplies at hand. I have to share with you a couple of emails I got from my Dad tonight […]

Day Nineteen – Pink Apple for Breast Cancer

Just under the wire tonight.  I’ve been wanting to do a pink apple for my friend Sandy and all women dealing with breast cancer. I spent the evening flying back home to Denver and I drew this somewhere over Iowa and Nebraska and got home just with enough time to watercolor the design.  Whew! Until […]

Day Eighteen – Paisley

What a day.  Dad suggested I do an apple of paramecium.  Check out this site on these little creatures.  I thought it was a great idea (by the way – ideas welcome) but I thought maybe you might all prefer paisley. Traveling home tomorrow – I’ll be creating day nineteen on a plane. Until tomorrow. Jenna

Day Seventeen – Polka Dots

Unbelievable and beautiful day on Vinalhaven! It was a perfect day in Maine… crisp, clear and the water was calm.  I stood out on the deck of the ferry for most of the ride and spoke with one of the boat hands about Telluride in the 1960’s!  It is a small glorious world.  We walked […]

Day Sixteen – Super Apple!

Sorry if there are any purists out there but I’m have a blast! Enjoy! Until tomorrow. Jenna

Day Fifteen: Pollock-esque

Wow – kinda crazy – mother nature was playing tricks on me tonight.  Power went out around 5:30pm and didn’t come back on until about 15 minutes ago at around 10:30pm eastern time.  My friend Nate said that acts of nature would have allowed me to double up on posts if I hadn’t been able […]

Day Fourteen – A is for Apple

    I started a Pollock-esque apple tonight but the paint wouldn’t dry so I had to go plan B! I love this simple, clean image.  A big storm seems to be headed towards New England… Vinalhaven may need to wait for me until Saturday and then home to Colorado early next week.  I can’t […]

Day Thirteen – Pointillism

Dots … lots and lots of dots! Until tomorrow. Jenna

Day Twelve – One little piggy

    Hope you like my pig! Until tomorrow. Jenna